TradiX Trading Technologies

TradiX is a cutting edge suite of DeFi trading applications. It was built from the ground up to fit the trading needs of newcomers and seasoned traders alike.
Never before has there been a DeFi trading platform with this level of security, ease of use and feature rich as TradiX.
We have taking 40 years of combined IT knowledge along with community input to create the most stress free trading experience possible in DeFi.
We have the only fully encrypted trading platform. Every service provided is near hack proof. Not even the dev can unscramble the encryption.
Our Trading platform includes:
• A web based trading application that allows you to set auto buy and sell orders. You can literally set the price you want and let TradiX do the rest. No painstaking watching of charts.
• iOS and Android versions of the web application that allow you to perform the same trades on the go.
• Telegram Trading Bot (@PlutusSniperBot) that not only has the same auto features of the apps. But is one of the fastest in the space. And yes, if a token is a scam, the bot will warn you!
• Access to community channels with extremely helpful admins that will help you with using the platform and making trades.
• Access to via our Partnership to a team of analysts that deep dive into projects before they launch. To give you the best and safest odds.
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